Nino Mangione is a lifelong resident of Baltimore County. Coming from a large Italian family, he grew up the second of six children and one of 60 grandchildren. He began his love of country and community at a young age listening to his grandfather retell, with pride, his World War II stories.

Nino held many positions working for his grandfather’s family business. Whether it was on a construction site or filing papers in the office, Nino began to understand the importance of family and of hard work. This experience gave him a deep respect for the sacrifices made by small business owners.

Nino attended Calvert Hall High School where he became a varsity soccer captain and champion. He then attended Towson University on a soccer scholarship where he once again earned the title of team captain. There he earned a degree in political science, graduating cum laude as a scholar athlete. While at Towson, Nino became the President of the Towson University Republican Club.

Nino Mangione Delegate
Nino Mangione

After graduating, Nino took an internship at WCBM radio and was hired by Calvert High School to coach in their soccer program. Nino took a full-time position with WCBM where he has been a voice for the people of Baltimore County, live on air for more than a decade. Nino’s experience at WCBM includes guest hosting, managing the external communications of the station and offering commentary on the relevant issues of the day.

Prior to entering elective politics, Nino had the opportunity to interview a variety of people including some of America’s top law enforcement officials and a 4-star United States General. He was able to ride along the U.S./Mexico border with Board Patrol Agents, he has met with the father of a 9/11 victim, and mothers of sons killed by illegal immigrants. These experiences shaped and solidified Nino’s beliefs leading him to pursue elective office.

Nino was always active in the local political scene through grassroots efforts, testifying and monitoring bill hearings, volunteering on Republican campaigns and engaging in conservative politics. The retirement of a Maryland Delegate in 2018 opened the door for Nino to run for public office as a young man. He won a strong victory in the Republican primary, significantly out-polling his competitors. He went on to win a convincing victory in the general election over well-funded Democrat opponents. Voters rewarded Nino’s work with an overwhelming victory in his re-election campaign in 2022 and he continues his service as Maryland’s conservative champion representing District 42A in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Nino Mangione speaking

Nino was sworn in as a freshman legislator in 2019 and was rewarded with a seat on the Appropriations Committee. He was also appointed to the Health & Social Services subcommittee and the Oversight Committee on pensions. Nino has been a tireless advocate for prudent spending, strong fiscal management and protecting taxpayers.

Nino is known in the House of Delegates for unwavering support of law enforcement, advocacy of parental rights in education and the protection of Maryland taxpayers. He is a strong conservative focused on his constituents and common-sense approaches to state government. He has been recognized by numerous advocacy organizations and supporting law enforcement, small business, Right to Life, the Second Amendment, free enterprise and conservative values.

Nino Mangione is a conservative Republican fighting for freedom and the future of Maryland.  Nino stands with the taxpayers, fights for our values, and pushes back against the “WOKE” policies of the radical left that make our streets unsafe, raise our taxes, waste our money and trample on our freedoms

Nino is active in our community and continually meets with community members to discuss how we can make Maryland better.

Nino Mangione Family picture