Meet Nino Mangione

Nino Mangione is a conservative Republican fighting for freedom and the future of Maryland.  Nino stands with the taxpayers, fights for our values, and pushes back against the “WOKE” policies of the radical left that make our streets unsafe, raise our taxes, waste our money and trample on our freedoms.

Violent Crime

Violent crime is out of control in Maryland.   Every day we read or hear about another random act of violence against our citizens.  Baltimore has become the murder capitol of Maryland...

Supporting Law Enforcement

Nino has been a tireless advocate for the brave men and women in law enforcement who protect us every day.  Maryland law enforcement officers are under assault because of weak leadership and...


Nino is recognized as the taxpayer’s advocate in Maryland. He has voted against every new tax and every tax increase. Maryland ranks among the top four most taxed states in the nation...


Maryland is one of the highest taxed states in the nation. The potential for economic growth is hindered by our sales, income, and business taxes.  Maryland is losing business to states with...

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Delegate Nino Mangione Discusses the Democrats Flawed & Budget Destorying Kirwin Bill

Delegate Nino Mangione Discusses the Democrats Flawed & Budget Destorying Kirwin Bill

September 12, 2023

Maryland has a spending problem. We are on track for a $1.8 billion deficit in five years! There is a lot of wasteful spending I strongly disagree with but most fiscally irresponsible is the bloated Kirwan Bill that years ago I urged the Democrats no…

The Best of The Morning Drive 9/1/23

The Best of The Morning Drive 9/1/23

September 1, 2023

House Del. Nino Mangione joins Casey and Elliott to discuss the Brooklyn homes suspects arrest including a 14 year old, Senator Ferguson’s U-turn on juvenile justice and how this is a great…

PBS State Circle

PBS State Circle

August 25, 2023

A “Maryland choir” selected for a D-Day Commemoration in Normandy, plus, an HBCU Week interview with the outgoing president of Howard University and troubled state budget times ahead?